Writer/director René Frelle Petersen teamed up with friend and producer Marco Lorenzen, creating the production company 88miles (a tribute to one of their favourite films Back to the Future), for his feature film debut "Where have all the good men gone."


Returning to their childhood county in southern Jutland, Denmark, a long way from the popular shooting locations in and around Copenhagen, they decided from the start to go low budget instead of the normal danish way of government funding to have complete artistic control.


René and Marco raised money locally and the support was overwhelming. While old friends and family helped accommodate the crew during the 24 day shoot, local county, police and fire department helped with road blocks, props, costumes and rain effects.


Enjoying the script, the Danish film industry provided the experienced crew with professional equipment to a very low price.

Zentropa Entertainments, the company of Lars von Trier, liked the passion and the drive of the two filmmakers and offered their post-production facilities free of charge. René Frelle Petersen has subsequent been offered a feature film deal from Zentropa.


After the shooting of "Where have all the good men gone" in southern Jutland, a fund has been created to help finance film projects in the region. René and Marco are also planning their next feature film together, which will also take place in the Southern Jutland, Denmark.


”Where have all the good men gone” is Director René Frelle Petersen and producer Marco Lorenzen feature film debut. Rene and Marco is a very well-knit team, with great trust and faith in one another. They very much look forward to future projects, produced by their company "88miles".